Soda Pop Construction has assembled an incredible array of talent who have been involved in construction for as long as each of them can remember.

We are a collective group of perfectionists with keen eyes for attention to detail in every aspect of our specialized crafts. We are constantly looking to create new and innovative ways to enhance your living space.

We are equipped to manage and tackle multiple projects with ease from the initial consultation to design inception and all the way to the completed masterpiece that is your new space.

From design, carpentry, landscaping, painting and all points in between, at Soda Pop Construction we are laying out the blueprint for what it takes to become the ultimate commercial and residential construction model.

Tony Soda

Owner, President & CEO

Regardless of what your potential project needs are, the entire team at
Soda Pop Construction want to hear from you. Whether you are looking for a single room facelift, a new exterior finish or something we have yet to be requested, our team of industry professionals are prepared create a living space that turn heads and drop jaws.

Ontario, Canada

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